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cyclone Tutorial

This tutorial provides a brief description of how to open an rcf file in cyclone and use the different perspectives to analyze it.


Getting the files

Please go to our download page and download the wget example. Extract the contents of the archive to your favorite destination. If you have not yet downloaded cyclone, download and unpack it as well.

Fire up cyclone

Change to cyclone's directory and run or cyclone.bat depending on your system. This should start cyclone's GUI with nothing loaded.

Open wget.rcf

Now it is time to open the sample rcf file. Select File → Open, navigate to the wget.rcf file you have downloaded, and select it. Opening the file may take some time depending on your hardware, but you will be informed about the progress.

Analyze the clone information

Now you are ready to use cyclone and inspect the clone data. You may consider reading the cyclone documentation.