Sunday, May 19, 2013, San Francisco, California

In conjunction with ICSE'13

Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Ontology Alignment Using Best-match Clone Detection
    Paul Geesaman; James R. Cordy; Amal Zouaq
  • Scaling Classical Clone Detection Tools for Ultra-Large Datasets: An Exploratory Study
    Jeffrey Thomas Svajlenko; Iman Keivanloo; Chanchal K. Roy
  • How to extract differences from similar programs? : A cohesion metric approach
    Akira Goto; Norihiro Yoshida; Masakazu Ioka; Eunjong Choi; Katsuro Inoue
  • Prioritizing Code Clone Detection Results for Clone Management
    Radhika Venkatasubramanyam; Shrinath Gupta; Himanshu Kumar Singh
  • CPDP - A Robust Technique for Plagiarism Detection in Source Code
    Basavaraju Muddu; Allahbaksh Asadullah; Vasudev Bhat
  • A Parallel and Efficient Approach to Large Scale Clone Detection
    Hitesh Sajnani; Cristina Lopes
  • Towards a Curated Collection of Code Clones
    Ewan Tempero
  • On the Robustness of Clone Detection to Code Obfuscation
    Sandro Schulze; Daniel Meyer
  • Large Scale Multi-language Clone Analysis in a Telecommunication Industrial Setting
    Ettore Merlo; Thierry Lavoie; Pascal Potvin; Pierre Busnel
  • Feature-Based Detection of Bugs in Clones
    Daniela Steidl; Nils Göde
  • How Much Really Changes ? A Case Study of Firefox Version Evolution Using a Clone Detector
    Thierry Lavoie; Ettore Merlo

Short Papers

  • A Mutation Analysis Based Benchmarking Framework for Clone Detectors
    Jeffrey Svajlenko; Chanchal Roy; James Cordy
  • The Limits of Clone Model Standardization
    Jan Harder
  • Refactoring Clones: A New Perspective
    Nikolaos Tsantalis; Giri Panamoottil Krishnan
  • Cloning: The Need to Understand Developer Intent
    Debarshi Chatterji; Jeffrey Carver; Nicholas Kraft
  • No Clones, No Trouble?
    Saman Bazrafshan
  • Assessing Cross-Project Clones for Reuse Optimization
    Veronika Bauer; Benedikt Hauptmann